HTX Compressor Gold Iron

The HTX Compressor Gold Iron features a 431 Stainless Steel Cast head, with a thin heat treated face designed to produce greater ball speeds for increased distance. The HTX Compressor Gold iron is 4 grams lighter than the standard HTX Compressor iron, further helping to increase clubhead speed for those with slower swing speeds. Tour spec Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black shafts are fitted in A (senior) flex throughout the set with an exclusive Lamkin UTX grip.

Key Features

  • 431 Stainless Steel Cast Construction
  • Heat Treated Face produces greater ball speeds for increased distance
  • Specially engineered to achieve lighter headweights, maximizing clubhead speed
  • Kuro Kage Black shafts as standard
  • Bespoke Lamkin UTX grip
  • Standard Set: 5-GW (4 Iron and SW available)



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421.5°59°38.50″D0Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black
524°60°38.00″D0Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black
626.5°61°37.50″D0Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black
730.5°62°37.00″D0Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black
835°63°36.50″D0Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black
940°63.75°36.00″D0Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black
PW45°64°35.75″D2Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black
GW50°64°35.50″D3Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black
SW54°64.5°35.50″D3Lamkin UTXKuro Kage Black