Tour B XS

Switch to the TOUR B XS to feel what its like to gain control, distance, and a decisive advantage over the competition.

Feel for more birdies and distance to help you attack the course. The enhanced feel of the TOUR B XS comes from a softer cover as a result of the SlipRes technology. The TOUR B XS gets distance as a result of increased ball speed from the gradation core construction. Tee through green the TOUR B XS is designed to give you an edge on the course.

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TOUR B X3 piece UrethaneSeamless SlipRes330 Dual DimpleWhite85
TOUR B XS3 piece UrethaneSeamless SlipRes330 Dual DimpleWhite75
TOUR B RX3 piece UrethaneSeamless SlipResNEW 338 Dual DimpleWhite, Optic Yellow66
TOUR B RXS3 piece UrethaneSeamless SlipResNEW 338 Dual DimpleWhite64