Delta X Driver

The Delta X range offers distance and power like never before, so if you’ve got a fast swing speed this progressive range will generate ultimate distance with optimum control.

The Delta X Driver Features:

  • Aero Crown (with air flow channel)
  • CT-Face / Stability Bar
  • 460cc Head Size
  • 8g Fixed-Weight Port
  • Sweet Spot Alignment
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Fujikura Ventus 4-T Core Graphite Shaft
  • Lamkin Crossline Grip
  • Left-Handed Clubs Available


Stability Bar
The Stability Bar on the sole of the club ensures maximum energy is transferred through the centre of the club. Assisted by the Fujikura Ventus 4-T Core shaft to deliver ultimate stability.

Aero Crown
This newly designed Aero Crown, features an air flow channel which generates a more efficient air flow which reduces drag, helping increase club head speed.

CT-Face Design
This impressive feature boosts ball speeds across the face by utilising variable face thickness.

Optimum CG
Thanks to a new 8g fixed-weight port set at the back of the sole, and the large 460cc head design, the centre of gravity is prime for increasing distance and forgiveness.

Sweet Spot Alignment
The newly designed centred target markings on the face and new alignment features on the crown highlight the sweet spot for greater accuracy and faster game improvement.

Premium Components
The well-known Fujikura Ventus 4-T Core shaft provides ultimate stability through impact increasing velocity and smash factor, whilst the Lamkin Crossline grip ensures a secure and comfortable feel throughout your swing.

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10.5 10.5° 56° 45.50″ D3 Lamkin Crossline Fujikura Ventus 4-T Core
12 12° 56° 45.50″ D3 Lamkin Crossline Fujikura Ventus 4-T Core