Delta X Hybrid

The new Delta X range delivers reliable power and impressive distance, so if you’ve got a fast swing speed this progressive range is a must-try.

The Delta X Hybrid Features:

  • Stability Bar
  • Deep Sole/Optimised CG
  • Sweet Spot Alignment
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Fujikura Vista Pro 70 Graphite Shaft
  • Lamkin Crossline Grip
  • Left-Handed Clubs Available

Stability Bar
The Stability Bar on the sole of the club ensures maximum energy is transferred through the centre of the club. This will generate power where it is needed the most to help you get greater distance performance.

Deep Sole / Optimised CG Position
This minimises unwanted turf interaction and promotes pure strikes from the fairway and tricky lies. It’s also weighted towards the back of the sole, to provide optimum CG position for increased forgiveness.

CT-Face Design
This impressive feature boosts ball speeds across the face by utilising variable face thickness.

All-New Alignment
The newly designed alignment features on the crown provide confidence at address for greater accuracy and quicker game improvement.

Optimal Shaft & Grip
The Fujikura Vista Pro 70 Graphite shaft combined with the Lamkin Crossline grip offers the perfect partnership to maximise your swing.

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H3 20° 59° 40.25″ D3 Lamkin Crossline Fujikura Vista Pro 70 Delta X
H4 24° 59.5° 39.75″ D3 Lamkin Crossline Fujikura Vista Pro 70 Delta X
H5 28° 60° 39.25″ D3 Lamkin Crossline Fujikura Vista Pro 70 Delta X